Centage Crown Instant Yeast

For the modern baker...

Centage Crown Instant Yeast will save you money by simplifying and speeding up your mixing process.  
Solid and reliably vacuum packed in sturdy decorated foil sachets to keep completely fresh and fully active to ensure consistent and excellent proving qualities.
At least 3x as strong as conventional dried yeast which has to be pre-mixed, saving you the cost of extra storage space, and about 5x as strong as compressed yeast whilst taking up even less valuable warehouse room - and DOES NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION !
Centage Crown Instant yeast has superb keeping qualities and will remain at full activity in the sachet for a full two years from production, making it the best choice for replacing compressed yeast and conventional dried yeast in all situations. 
Bread is commonly regarded around the world as an essential foodstuff, and the baking of bread is much enhanced by the addition of yeast “saccaromyces cerevisae” which is a completely natural and pure product, manufactured in strict laboratory controlled conditions from a carefully selected strain of yeast to produce the very best results in all types of baking, in all conditions.

Centage Crown Instant Yeast is world renowned for its quality, reliability and ease of use, but best of all it is always competitively priced.

We know that it is important for the baker to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality, and our product reflects this philosophy by providing superior quality with a sensible pricing policy that reflects the current economic situation.
You can always rely on Crown Yeast.
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