The modern baker wants the convenience of a modern yeast so he turns to Centage Crown. From its origins in 1965, Crown Yeast Company has been dedicated to supplying the baker with the best performing and most reliable yeast available.Every baker knows how vital it is to use a yeast he can rely on to produce the same performance day in and day out.

A significant factor in the success of Centage Crown is its bacteriological quality. This is the result of stringent monitoring of the manufacturing process and of the raw materials from which it is made.

Just follow these simple rules to enjoy the benefits of our technological expertise:

Centage Crown comes vacuum packed and requires no refrigeration. Store the vacuum sachets in a cool dry warehouse and the yeast will last for two years. Once you open the sachet, use within three days and, in the meantime, store the opened sachet in a refrigerator.

Remember, Centage Crown Instant Yeast is at least three times the strength of compressed yeast. You replace three kilos of compressed yeast with one kilo of Centage Crown. And, because compressed yeast is about 70% water, you must add extra water to replace this. This should be equal to twice the quantity of Centage Crown that you use.

Half a kilo of Centage Crown requires an additional one litre of water.

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