Centage Crown Liquid Malt Extract

The production of our liquid malt extract has been developed over many years to achieve a high standard of quality and reliability. All production is tested by our Quality Control Department before despatch to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.
Our standard pack is the 300kg steel or plastic drum offering secure bulk storage together with ease of handling and economy.
Liquid malt extract is used in a variety of industries including:
Malt extract is used to assist with fermentation and to improve structure and crust colour. It will also assist to extend shelf-life in both brown and white bread.
The inclusion of malt extract in chocolate goods will improve cereal flavours.
The use of malt extract in chocolate goods will enhance flavour especially when used as a textured filling.
Pet Food
Malt extract is added to pet foods to increase the nutritional value and as a colour enhancer.
Malted food drinks are very popular because of the high nutrient value of malt extract and its pleasant flavour.
Home brew kits
Malt extract is used to provide fermentable sugars. flavour and colours in the preparation of beer.
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